most people don’t give advice on what not to tell your girlfriend so that’s what we’re gonna be doing today because sometimes I’m told things that I just wish I was never told and I feel like guys are never told don’t tell your girlfriend or like don’t keep things work I don’t even know what I’m trying to say right now don’t tell your girlfriend all your secrets because sometimes it’ll cause arguments it will cause like awkward conversations or it’ll make her overthink everything way too much and if you do tell her
something she might want to break up with you so first things first don’t tell your girlfriend if you don’t like your best friends or if you don’t like one of her friends because odds are deep down she also gets annoyed by this person or she also I could get kind of angry with this person sometimes too but she doesn’t want to hear it if she thinks you don’t like her friend she’s not gonna want you around to hang out with them whenever they’re all around and you’re just gonna be pushed away a little bit because if you’ve made obvious that you don’t like her friends then why be there and if you’re kind of having some tension some awkward situations and this could be the icing on the cake she could just be like well you don’t like my friends so like leave like I don’t want to be with you anymore and here’s another big big one that definitely helps you avoid a lot of arguments but don’t tell her if you’re like telling a little white light to get away with something don’t be like oh yeah I was kidding I didn’t actually do that sometimes you tell like little lies so that you don’t get in an argument or just because you don’t feel like explaining yourself so like a good example of that is yeah babe I did totally remember to get you a to get eggs and you didn’t get eggs like it’s okay she’s gonna find out eventually but if you didn’t want to hear a lecture that was 20 minutes long to tell you how stupid you are and how you shouldn’t forget eggs then it kind of it’s just like a little bumper or you could just be like yeah I totally got in then when she finds out that you didn’t get them be like but I got you flowers instead or just like make something else up and but here’s the thing you can’t why too much if it’s like a little white lie that’s one thing but if you’re like lying about your relationship you shouldn’t be in a relationship like it is okay to tell little white lies sometimes to help you not get in huge arguments about dumb little things but don’t get into the habit of telling lies I’m not telling you to lie all the time just sometimes it’s not terrible to tell some little white lies if you tell a girl this one she’s gonna overthink so much so don’t tell a girl what you truly think about your guys future together so if you do think you’re gonna marry her that’s great but don’t be like I’m gonna marry you or no I’m never I’m never gonna have a future with you no don’t bring up your future together or if you have a future or if you don’t have a future unless she brings it up and it’s specifically asking you about that because whenever your guy is talking about your future together one it could be for the rest of your lives or it could end tomorrow and so girls will overthink all of that so much because it’s about their future they want to have the perfect life they don’t have the perfect children they don’t want to be sobbing because they found out that you really don’t see a future with them and plus he could change your mind and so once you say I don’t see a future with you and she hears that she’s gonna think it’s over but you could end up changing your mind about that because people change their mind all the time so don’t let her know if you don’t see a future with her but if you do see a future with her don’t freak her out by saying I want to marry you tomorrow or let’s elope no just keep it long deal unless she asks you because you guys are having specific a specific talk about your relationship because it could scare them off or make you make them hate you, do not tell your girlfriend if you do not like her siblings or if her siblings are annoying because even though she most likely hates her siblings 99% of the time or 90% of time or how she is she I guarantee she does hate her siblings – at some point of time don’t tell her that you don’t like them or that they annoy you or they make you mad it’s kind of like the friend thing but she’s probably more protective about them because it is her family and girls just has that like natural instinct to be very protective about their siblings especially if it’s their younger siblings it’s their older siblings they might not be around them as much so it might be a little bit different but don’t tell a girl if you don’t like her family because if you guys do end up getting married that can cause drama and I’m not talking about Kim Kardashian drama with Keeping Up with the Kardashians I’m talking about some real drama you had one babe hey who doesn’t like keeping up with you very many don’t next point is do not tell her what you wish that she is better at or what you wish you could do because that will make her feel like she’s never gonna be enough for you like if she’s not good at dancing or singing and you’re like oh my gosh I wish you can dance or sing those are things you really can’t improve so there’s no hope for that sometimes there is some help but she might just be too lazy to trying to be better at these certain things like being funny like I and my boyfriends very funny and I’m not at all and so I’m always I feel like I’m the Dumber one of the two of us because I’m not funny which has nothing to do with being ever but I don’t know where I was going with that but just don’t tell her that you wish that she could do something else because that will make her feel a little bit insecure I guarantee that and I know you might not mean it like that and you might say in like a joking way but this is another thing that girls will definitely overthink because if you say oh my gosh I wish I could do this she’s literally gonna think I’m not good enough also if she has the tendency to talk and talk and talk and just never shut up or if you just want to say something and she just keeps talking don’t cut her off just continue to let her talk you don’t have to pay attention if you really don’t care about it but just pretend like you’re paying attention don’t let her know that you’re not paying attention but don’t tell her to shut up that’s one like I know you wish in your head oh my god I just want her to shut up can I just put a sock in it so then I just can’t even hear her can I just meet her output in your headphones put in your air pods if you have long hair she can’t even see it fine she’ll never know also if she has a favorite outfit or shirt that she just absolutely loves and wears it 24/7 don’t tell her if you don’t like it or don’t tell her your real opinion on it like if it reminds me like a cartoon character from your childhood but reminds you of your dead grandma or something like that don’t let her know you really think of her favorite outfit because if it’s her favorite outfit she feels confident in it doesn’t ruin that confidence for her because if you are the special one in her life the boyfriend your opinion matters most about what she likes and what she wears so don’t ruin it for her because it’s her favorite shirt for a reason she feels good in it she likes the way her body looks in it or she just might like the color and she can’t bite another one like it so don’t ruin her favorite outfit for her even if you think it’s hideous even if you think she doesn’t look that good instead you’d be like hey P why don’t you wear this like you wear that shirt all the time you wear that outfit all the time just give her some other options instead of telling her that you absolutely hate that outfit oh girls are psychopaths let me just tell you that before I say this next one I mean they’re not complete psychopath but like when it comes to other girls we get a little crazy a lot at the time so don’t tell her it’s like another really attractive girl walks by yes I know for a fact your eyes will probably like you’ll do the quick glance or whatever check her out for a second that’s fine I look at hot guys all the time whenever they walk past me it’s literally human nature you can’t really help it but don’t make it obvious to her that you’re looking at another girl that’s attractive or another guy who’s attractive because again this is gonna increase insecurities because if they’re obviously prettier and more attractive than the one that you’re with they’re gonna be like why are you licking that getting me more attention or something weird like that especially whenever it comes to girls because girls are so territorial like I know guys are territorial over their girls but it’s different when a guy gives a girl compliment versus when a girl gives a guy a compliment did I say that right I don’t even know if I said that right thank you all for completing this article.



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