Secrets EVERY Girl Lies About…

they say girls are dangerous because you can never read our minds which is so true because our faces could say one thing and in our heads, it says something completely different today we’re gonna is talking about things that girls always lie about. so the first thing a girl will always lie about is if you’re already kind of in the deep end you’ve done something that kind of makes her mad and she knows about it but she’s not telling you she’s gonna say just tell me I promise I’m not gonna get mad like don’t worry it’s fine she’s telling you that so she can get mad out of you with good reason because you’ll tell her the truth and then she’ll be like what the heck I literally told you or what the heck I knew it why were you lying to me or in the rear case you actually didn’t do anything wrong so you’ll be in the clear but 99% of the time when a girl says just tell me I promise I’m not gonna get mad you’re gonna end up in a screaming fest and about like five minutes so hopefully you didn’t do anything wrong because that is literally a trap that’s the biggest trap I’ve ever heard from a girl I’ve done that to my boyfriend
so many times I feel bad for him but it’s don’t fall for it even if she says tell me you won’t get a mad look at her and say you’re about to kick my butt no I’m not gonna be telling you or just tell her and be like I know you’re gonna get mad so I’m just gonna tell you anyway so just tell her the truth tell her what’s up because trust me a girl will go full psycho on you in about five minutes and also whenever a girl says I’m not the type to get jealous I really don’t care it’s whatever like go hang out with your guy friends I don’t care if there’s girls there that means I don’t really care as long as I know every single girl there and I know that they’re not gonna try anything on you because all girls get a little jealous and sometimes it’s fun to be with your boyfriend around new girls because they can be like oh he’s that guy’s cute who is he and then he goes up and kisses you that’s cute but whenever it’s the other way around whenever it’s your boy with a bunch of new girls that no one knows jealousy turned on Wow and she’s gonna get jealous like some girls are super chill I like to believe I’m more chill but on the inside I may not show how jealous I am in my head I’m thinking Who am I gonna smack next because all girls do get a little jealous it’s just in our blood we’re psychos by Nature like everyone’s a little psychotic trust me every girl has a psycho side so just watch out be careful and that really goes along with ya I don’t really care if you’re friends with your eggs a girl never tells you that she’s crazy too because every girl should be worried about the eggs you have my boyfriend’s best friends with his ex-girlfriend I don’t care they were in a relationship for a year every girl is gonna be mad if you’re still talking to your ex like I’ve heard of so many relationships where the guy breaks up with his current girlfriend to get back with this like every girl knows that if there’s once a history there’s always a history and you can’t get rid of it so if a girl tells you that she doesn’t care about your ex or if your friends she’s lying trust me because it’s not natural for a current girlfriend to be all buddy-buddy with the ex girlfriend especially if you had like a very deep long-lasting relationship or long lasts until you broke up at least another classic whenever girl is too lazy to look at her phone or the phone’s dead and she doesn’t want to plug it in you’ll get that message that says oh my gosh I’m so sorry I just saw your text message like just right now I swear I didn’t open it and then forget about responding to you why would I do that no never yes the girls will always do that or if they just want some a long time like they’re not gonna respond to your text message to right away because they don’t want to hang out with you so if they say oh my gosh I just saw your text message they’re lying because they most likely opened it and then completely forgot about responding because they’re in the middle of something or because they just don’t want to talk to you so don’t get all psycho motive she doesn’t respond within five minutes give her space because if you don’t give her enough space she will run from you so fast that you’ll say where did my girlfriend go and you won’t have an answer she’ll be gone already and then this isn’t talking about a girl’s got ex most of the time he might text her sometimes and if you see it pop up on her phone she might tell you no he’s my ex like I don’t talk to him anymore I hate his guts odds are a lot of ex guy friends or boyfriend’s will continue texting her at a really random time so odds are that it’s not continuous like they’re not always talking if they’re always talking you’ve got a problem probably she’s cheating on you but or she’s way too close with her ex but odds are he probably still in her phone he’s she probably still has his number and it’s okay detects them like once in a while like maybe on their birthday or something like that or if you know like one of their family members died or their pet died like that’s okay it does happen but girls are scared about telling their current boyfriend that their ex tech them because they might go psycho mode everyone can go psycho mode and you just never know what might be the trigger psycho mode is in every everyone like yeah she might text her eggs every once in a while it happens it’s okay but as long as it’s not continuous then that’s weird you should probably tell your boyfriend and if your boyfriend finds out by reading your Apple watch or like looking at your phone messages that are messed up and girls love to be chased they don’t like guys who are too too clingy and is always wanting to be around them but like if they’re out with their friends and you’re like oh my gosh I kind of want to leave and he’s like no oh come on babe stay or come on babe I want to bring you to dinner I want you to meet my family like oh yeah girl like girls want to be chased a little bit but they also want to do the chasing as well but if a girl’s like no I don’t like being chased I don’t like clean guys all-girl loves a little bit of clinginess because it is cute you cannot deny it girls love whenever guys do things for them or compliment them whenever they’re like oh babe oh my gosh babe girls like that to an extent you don’t want to be too clingy though and you don’t want to be there every single time she turned around or every single time she closes her eyes or I don’t know anything like that but also let her chase you a little bit you want to go both ways a little bit so then it’s more interesting it’s more fun like if you ignore her a little bit that’s peachy but don’t ignore her all the time it goes the same way with her too so this is like a back-and-forth type of thing it you have to find the balance the perfect balance between chasing and whatever you would want to call if you want to find the perfect balance between her chasing you you chasing her is that type of thing because that’s what makes a relationship interesting you don’t want it to be boring you don’t want her to constantly be asking baby but when are we gonna hang out do you want to go to dinner with me no it cannot be a one-way street you both have to put some effort into it and you can’t be the one who always asked her to hang out because if it’s like that then one of you guys might have more feelings than the other, oh this next one’s really awkward so if she just met your friends for the first time and after you guys leave she’s like yeah they’re so nice and her voice goes like kind of high-pitched she’s lying they might be a little weird that might be too loud for they might be a little too obnoxious but she will lie to you she’s never gonna tell you that she doesn’t like your friends same goes with your family she’s never gonna tell you the truth about that no matter how much you begged for her and honestly do you really want to know that she doesn’t like her friends or your family no so just go with it don’t keep poking at her because once you poke too much she will explode on any be like oh my gosh your friends are terrible I really hate them we’ll never hang out with them again no just let every by that time it’s okay sometimes and this last point of her do you know how on social media everyone puts about their relationship and your girl for some reason just doesn’t post any pictures with you and she just says oh yeah we just don’t have any good pictures together but we just took some yesterday hmm weird yes because she might not be ready to post pictures with you because it does take so much time to get over your ex and you might not just be ready for that step in your relationship and I know it’s weird to say Oh posting on social media about each other is another step in a relationship but it really is it’s like going public for eternity because once you post a picture that sucker is online it’s not coming off as you can delete it you can archive it you can still find it on the web somewhere so it’s like another step in relationship she might be saying yeah we don’t have any good pictures together but you just kind of have to maybe post one of you two first and see how that goes and see how she reacts to that and maybe she’ll open up and be more ready and be ready to post with you than but you don’t want to push her too much she might you don’t know everything about her past relationship she might say that she’s told you everything about the past relationship odds are she didn’t girls will lie about their past relationships just like the like they’re lying about wanting to post with you that’s just how girls are our minds are amazing sometimes we don’t even know what we’re saying so if you enjoyed this article share it with your friends.



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