Why You Should NEVER Settle In A Relationship

In this article I’m gonna be talking to you about why you should never settle in your relationships I know this seems obvious you’re probably thinking of course I’m not gonna settle like I’m gonna be really smart about who I’m with and whatnot but you be surprised I know there are some of you that are in a relationship right now or maybe you’re casually talking to someone where everything is going great it all has a foundation of being a promising relationship but something is just not there something is missing you don’t know what it is everything seems fine but just something in your guy is like I don’t know I’m a little confused let me give it some time maybe it’s something that’s going on in my life that I’m not feeling 100% about this relationship and if someone you have been following me for like a year or two now this is something that I’ve really discovered I’ve learned so much about this topic and I really hope that I can help some of you because being confused in a relationship is such an isolating feeling sometimes and so in this video I am gonna kind of dive into settling in your relationships and the relationships that you have with people I also want to preface and say I’m not bashing the people that I’ve had relationships with just know that the way that I’m feeling or how I felt in that relationship with someone is not a reflection of them it’s a reflection of how I feel about myself and the journey that I want to go on and this person may not they just may not fit into that and that’s okay so my first point with not settling in your relationship is don’t force it I know that sounds kind of obvious but let me explain I have met a couple of guys where they are the best the sweetest I know they would really love me down the line I know they would make an amazing partner they’re successful they’re driven everything is there but something in my stomach in a very very back has all I like tells me like something is something’s not there for me and a lot of the time it’s chemistry that I’m not feeling I have been in relationships where I’ve pushed those feelings aside and I’m like no like this is such a good person like I need this person in my life I should just finally go for someone that really really likes me that really cares about me why do I go for people that don’t care at all and I’ll push those emotions down and I’ll tell myself I wanna learn to love them it’ll get better in a couple of months and what ends up happening is a couple years go by or a year goes by and I find myself right back to where I was I ignored all of the warning signs that I felt in my heart and I just I wanted to make it work because I knew I would have a very good future with them aside from that one thing that was missing I don’t know if this makes sense but if you’ve been in a relationship where it was a long-term relationship and you felt confused you probably understand so if you’re feeling confused more often than not the answer is in the confusion my second point is you’re looking at the big picture and not in the very moment there was a pivotal point in my last relationship where I was sitting on the couch and I was reading the power of now this is not sponsored but I was sitting on the couch and this was like towards like a couple months before my ex and I broke up and I read a section in this book I highlighted it and I really couldn’t stop thinking about it and I even got it framed right there to remind myself and I know it sounds cheesy and whatever but I can’t tell you how much it changed my life and this is a quote it says if you really want to know your mind the body will always give you a truthful reflection so look at the emotion or rather feel it in your body if there is an apparent conflict between them the thought will be the lie the emotion will be the truth and when I read that because I was really confused at the time I was feeling everything that I’m describing to now but when I read this passage I’ll put in the description below for you as well but um something kind of clicked for me because in my gut I knew what the answer was he’s not happy I’m not happy and my mind I kept telling myself you can try a little bit more what I hope that you do is I hope you kind of zoom in a little bit more and notice how you feel with your partner when you’re with them do you feel energized do you feel excited do you feel motivated not that it’s their job but you know I feel like when you’re with someone your vibrations should be at the same level you know but if you’re with someone and you’re noticing that you’re comfortable sometimes you feel like you’re settling sometimes you feel frustrated with them and they’re not doing anything like that’s also something to take note of my third point is when you settle with your partner you’re never going to feel satisfied this means you talk to your partner you want them to be X Y Z and they go absolutely I’m gonna work on X Y Z and they do but it’s not good enough for you and you still feel frustrated at little things you start getting upset with them for not being perfect and not being exactly what you need it’s not fair for that person if they’re giving you everything that you need to be happy and you’re not happy you need to do some soul-searching because this person in your life may not be the person that you’re meant to be with and meant to have into your life and that’s where you need to respect them enough to be like I need to find out what will make me happy in this relationship and I don’t want to hurt you in the process or make you feel less than and I think that’s something that is really hard to do because I have met so many really amazing guys honestly and I had to end it and it was so painful but I didn’t want to put my issues on them because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted so I ended it and I’m sure they’ll thank me for that in the future because I don’t want to waste their time I don’t want to hurt them so if you find that you’re not satisfied really do some soul-searching that could mean changing some aspects of your life if everything is just constantly the same you’re not happy in any element of your life change something I think we all need to soul search at some point and kind of like recharge in our own way so if that means leaving a relationship to rediscover who you are because you’ve lost yourself which is so common I promise you it’s okay it’s nothing on the other person it’s on you it’s your journey it’s you as a human it’s okay to do that and I really um I really recommend it if I didn’t have this year to be alone and to support myself and to find myself and my passion I promise you I would I would be pretty miserable like with myself and my expectations for myself so something to think about so I’m gonna leave you with one final thought don’t be complacent and don’t settle I know that it seems scary I know that you’re thinking about like being alone or thinking about am i risking at all what if I make the biggest mistake of my life but if you really feel like something is missing I think you need to take that risk if you want more for yourself go and get more I feel like we have control over our lives and our future if there is something that you want go for it I know it seems scary I know there’s a lot to lose I know that some of you are thinking if I leave this relationship could I be making the biggest mistake of my life if you’re thinking that I don’t think this is your person like I really think that if you’re very happy and content in a relationship they give you everything and more you’re gonna feel it and I know you’ve probably felt it at one point but if you’re feeling confused you’re feeling lost in your life you have the ability to change something and I challenge you to zoom in a little bit more and find out why are you feeling the way that you’re feeling you are so capable of being happy you will find your person you just have to be patient and you have to be willing to take a risk in order to find that person you’re not gonna find the perfect relationship no one is perfect but listen to your body a little bit more and really trust that the universe has your back like I love that because it really does and if there’s something that you want in your life ask for it and try to manifest it because nothing’s gonna fall into your lap it’s just like the reality of it if you want something you have to just take that risk and work for it .



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