today I’m going to talk about things that I think would really help a guy to get a girl, so tip number one be yourself and if yourself isn’t good enough be someone else I’m not even lying okay this is really bad advice but like take the best of other people’s personalities and learn from it and make yourself a better person for example I’m selfish as hell I literally will only think of myself I could care less about anyone else but I have a lot of really cool friends we seem to be getting a lot of relationships because they’re really selfless and really sweet and you know what I was like you know maybe I should be more like that and I started being more like that and I became a better person kind of and I got a text back from some random guy and that’s really all that matters oh but you know what guys really get the girls the ones that just don’t care what you think like why do you think the funny guys are always liked because they don’t care if they’re like making up they don’t care if people are laughing at their self or laughing at them they’re being them and that’s how girls like just a chill funny guy or serious whatever something to series that’s free you don’t want creepy here let’s end the creepiness today play it cool if you hang out with a girl and she’s kind of into you play that card as much as you can because there will come a day when when you show too much interest in a girl and she’s gonna be like later chivalry chivalry is not dead if you don’t believe in opening the door or taking a girl out to dinner you don’t deserve a girlfriend I’m saying this from very sensitive place like that is how you get a girl to like you you need to put in the effort and she will take know she will know that you’re really trying your outer appearance and how you take care of yourself really does say a lot and girls will take notice I’ve actually had a thing with a few guys who really clean like actually a lot of the guys I like have mad style this guy that I used to have a thing with like his clothes were so nice like I wanted to wear all of them because I could like grunge them up adapt but he had an amazing style and that’s why I still like him today because the way Becky dresses is like hot you know his had a dress he knows how to look good he knows what makes him look good and then that’s what gives him a lot of confidence I like that I like that a lot and you know what girls do too and he knows it he knows it okay guys have your own life when you’re doing your own thing everything will come to you you’re gonna publicly meet someone along the way it’ll just kind of more if you’re independent girls do not want a dependent guy I’m pretty dependent so I need an independent guy you know what I mean because if we’re both dependent on each other that’s just a mess a mess of things it’s too much emotions and you I know you just got unique to have a dip like a separate life guys a lot of the times I know that you are really shy to talk to a girl say something don’t be shy we take notice of guys or we take note of guys that are confident they’re not shy they can make us laugh they can just really dominate everything the conversation the relationship they have the pants on you know a lot of those things but at the end of the day it really comes down to one thing that you need to do to get a girl to like you and you need to be happy with yourself inside in order for someone else to like the same person inside ok I know that’s really cheesy but I’ve had a lot of things with guys that are really conflicted and they have a lot of inner demons I’ve had a thing with saying recently but um yeah and you know I’m going to take this tip for myself too because I don’t love what’s inside of me like I I just don’t love myself yet and how can I get a boyfriend if I don’t love myself so guys you should do the same if you’re not happy with yourself be a better you exercise workout is exercising eat better socialize hang out with your friends guys make sure you have friends don’t just suffocate yourself into a girl’s problems a girl’s life you need to have your own life and I swear everything will come to you get a good job make yourself successful and the right girl will come also love yourself and everyone will love you will love the person that you’ve become I hope you guys learned something today.


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