[Helpful] 7 Tips to Hold a Conversation With ANYONE

today we’re going to learn about seven tips to hold a conversation with anyone now let’s begin.

1: creating intention amateur conversationalist soften sabotage their own interactions by forgetting one important thing before you start talking to someone decide why that conversation matters what are you trying to accomplish here okay let’s say for example that you strike up a conversation with a new colleague that exchange could go any number of ways if you want to recruit them for something at work you might bring up the new project you’re starting if you want to find someone to hang out with you probably ask them what their hobbies are so what are these two examples have in common they both use a specific intention there’s a goal that you want to accomplish so you know how and where to kick things off if you didn’t create that intention things would go a whole lot differently you’d ask generic questions there’d be lots of awkward pauses the conversation would go on way too long simply because neither one of you knew when to stop you need intention for the same reason that you plan a vacation before you go on it or you pick a destination before you start driving that freedom might seem like a good idea at first I’m sure it lets you choose from a limitless number of possibilities but most of the time the conversation will be so general that you can’t decide what to talk about you end up feeling aimless and awkward to solve this problem you need to narrow down your options make a plan decide on a specific direction when you enter any conversation you should know the reason that you’re there this approach gives you two very important ingredients of a good conversation a subject and a time limit having a subject means you always have something to talk about something to connect with and ask questions about you’re finished you don’t have to sit around and wonder whether or not it’s time to say goodbye but intention doesn’t just smooth over the awkward moments it makes you a more capable conversationalist if you know what to talk about you’ll naturally act more confident and self-assured your words will have purpose which automatically gives them more weight people are more likely to invest in a conversation with you simply because you’re there for a reason you can easily start every conversation on the right foot by coming in with intention

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