[Helpful] 7 Tips to Hold a Conversation With ANYONE

2: intention checks now you know you should create intention but what does a good intention actually look like will anything work as long as you decide beforehand not every intention produces a good conversation if you approach a new friend at a party you can’t really ask them to give you a job
or if you strike up a conversation with your boss don’t expect to find someone to go hiking with the conversation and the context they need to line up the best intentions will consider the environment and the type of person that you’re talking to otherwise you won’t get them interested you’ll just catch them off guard so after you decide on your intention ask yourself a few important questions first who am I talking to second what expectations do they have of me third why are they here fourth is what I’m saying appropriate for this situation now you might not notice how strange something sounds until you force yourself to take a step back in your head a topic might make perfect sense but the other person has no idea what you’re thinking they aren’t drawing the same connections that you are context is all they have so use these simple checks to stop you from throwing people off .

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