5 Simple Ways to Make People Like You

today we’re going to learn about five simple ways to make people like you now let’s begin

1: accept weaknesses what kind of person is well-liked someone who’s successful talented an expert in their field while these kinds of people are admired they scare potential friends away why because people feel lesser by comparison even if you’re not trying to your ambitions can make you seem unapproachable pair that with a confident attitude and you’ll find respect comes a lot easier than genuine friendship but this doesn’t mean you should compromise your goals to make friends not by a long shot in life it’s as important to gain respect as it is to establish relationships so how do you do both all well-liked people do one thing very well they’re relatable they don’t have to share people’s interests or come from a similar background to make friends they’re relatable because they’re flawed flaws make us human everyone has them and always will your weaknesses may be embarrassing or frustrating but they are a large part of who you are your flaws also tear down that larger-than-life image perfect people make others nervous we feel uncomfortable around them because we’re worried about messing up we’re worried about what they’ll think or say but when we know they have weaknesses we can start to relax so if you want to be well-liked identify and accept your weaknesses your accomplishments might bring people in but your flaws will keep them around so if you’re clumsy or have a goofy laugh don’t be scared to let it show you wouldn’t be you without it accepting your weaknesses also demonstrates humility it shows the people around you that you’re self-aware no one wants to be friends with someone who thinks they’re flawless reflect on your personality and be proud of the
the well-rounded person you are ultimately those are the people everyone likes just be careful not to overshare don’t make your weaknesses everyone else’s problem if you act like a victim or treat your life like a sob story no one will enjoy spending time with you remember that your flaws should only be part of who you are not all of it.

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