20 Shocking Facts You Will NEVER Forget!

today we’re going to learn 20 shocking facts you will never forget now let’s begin.

1: folding to the Sun if you fold a regular piece of paper enough times it could stretch all the way from the earth to the Sun now as impossible as that sounds it would only take 51 folds to make one sheet of paper about 93 million miles thick that’s because of something called exponential growth each time you fold that piece of paper its thickness doubles so the first fold would multiply the original thickness by 2 the second fold would multiply it by 4 the third by 8 and so on eventually that piece of paper will become so thick that it can touch the Sun cross our solar system or even span the known universe now, of course, no one has ever gotten past 12 folds and that was done with an incredibly long sheet of toilet paper but mathematically there’s no limit to how thick one piece of paper can get.

2: heavy clouds now we’ve all seen those white picturesque clumps of fluff drifting across the sky to the naked eye clouds seem light and airy but the average cloud weighs around 1.1 million pounds they’re actually filled with an extraordinary amount of water and ice since they’re usually over a half a mile in all directions the average cloud will contain around 500 million grams of water and when there’s a storm coming that number will double so the next time you’re admiring a sky full of clouds take a minute to think about the millions of pounds hanging over your head. Go to the Next page to continue reading


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