7 Proven Ways to STOP Being Lazy

today we’re going to learn about seven proven ways to stop being lazy now let’s begin.

1: dispelling your assumptions are you a naturally lazy person well you’d be surprised how many people claim laziness as one of their core personality traits they resign themselves to a lethargic lifestyle assuming it’s a fundamental part of who they are but they’re looking at laziness the wrong way in fact intrinsic laziness is not nearly as common as people think very few people are as lazy as they say they just imagine you’re struggling to exercise regularly every night you say you’re going to go running in the morning but every morning you find some reason not to does that mean you’re a naturally lazy person no not at all there are all kinds of reasons why people have trouble accomplishing their goals or creating healthy habits you might have problems with self-control or self-discipline your fears and insecurities may be trapping you inside your comfort zone when you assume you’re intrinsically lazy well you’re not only ignoring the real problem but you’re also avoiding your potential to be productive and efficient you need to believe in your own ability you have to have faith that you’re capable of improving yourself and your life but as long as you make harmful assumptions well your work ethic is going to suffer.


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