7 Proven Ways to STOP Being Lazy

2: the eight categories of laziness since you’re probably not intrinsically lazy well it’s time to understand where your laziness comes from laziness is often a byproduct of a deeper issue but it can be tricky to figure out what’s really going on luckily psychologists have narrowed down laziness into eight categories each category describes a unique underlying problem they all create negative and unproductive mindsets but they stem from vastly different emotional states as we go through these eight categories pay attention to which one sounds the most like you the more you know about your laziness the easier it will be to get past it the first category is caused by fatigue you’re lazy because you don’t have the physical or mental energy to be productive you might say things like I’m too tired to work the problem isn’t that you’re lazy it’s that you’re not taking good enough care of yourself the second is regret you get lazy when you feel like an opportunity has passed you by you might avoid work by saying it’s too late to get started but you’re just looking for excuses to stay where you are chances are you don’t believe in your ability to keep up with everyone else the third category is internal shame this can make you incredibly unproductive and ruin your mindset most of the time shame comes from a lack of self compassion you get so frustrated with yourself for being lazy that you end up becoming the thing you were trying to avoid the next is social fear you hold yourself back because you’re worried about looking stupid if you try something and fail you might be scared it’s going to ruin your image the fifth category is neuroticism or anxiety when you face new challenges you’re overwhelmed by your fears you tell yourself you can’t do something because you’re too scared to try number six is laziness created by uncertainty you might hesitate when something is complicated or confusing but this confusion is a natural part of any challenge so learn to embrace it the seventh is apathy you get lazy because well you don’t care this is often a sign of aimlessness or depression if you feel apathetic toward everything you’re not lazy you just need to discover something that’s important to you finally their self definition which is the issue we talked about in step 1 if you identify as lazy well then you become lazy but you can solidify your ambitions by gradually changing the way you define yourself.


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