15 Psychological Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

today we are going to learn about fifteen psychological facts that will blow your mind now let’s begin.

1: the dunning-Kruger effect in 1999 two social psychologists discovered something about intelligent people they rarely think they’re smart
in fact, they often rank themselves way below average on the other hand people with low intelligence do the exact opposite they almost always overestimate their rank by a longshot the Dunning-Kruger effect basically proves the old adage ignorance is bliss let’s say you’re trying to learn how to draw when you finish your first drawing you’ll probably think you’re great at it but once you practice and realize how much you don’t know you don’t think you’re very good anymore this is why people with low intelligence often rate themselves so highly they don’t understand how little they know just look at the man who inspired Dunning and Kruger ‘s original experiment he decided to put lemon juice on his face in order to rob banks since lemon juice is used to make invisible ink he believed he was completely invisible to the bank’s cameras, of course, that wasn’t true he just had high expectations and no knowledge so he thought of himself as a genius. Go to the Next page to continue reading


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