[AMAZING] 14 RAREST Cat Breeds In The World!

Cats are one of the few creatures on earth that are universally accepted as pet material however, you may actually be surprised at some of the rarer and unique of the species. Hi, I’m John and I will take you through 14 of the rarest and exotic cats.

This Serval Cat is Bigger than It Looks, Maybe 24 Inches Long and 14 Inches High

14: the serval now I begin easily with one of the most exotic cats out there being the serval you’d be forgiven for not knowing about this special cat because it’s from Africa, but what if I told you that the serval is actually pretty popular in the United States as a pet, what makes this particular cat so interesting is its size and its look because it’s actually pretty tall for a cat and if you saw one trotting around town you would probably think that it’s a cheetah however the serval is actually rather docile it doesn’t climb it enjoys being quiet and it only hunts for small prey, and for those who are wondering no there have been no confirmed cases of one ever killing a human. Go to the Next page to continue reading


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